Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke Tailoring

How to Find best Bespoke Tailoring Suits in Lahore?

If you are looking for something extraordinary to wear to a special occasion, then you should certainly consider Bespoke Suits from Lahore. With so many different tailor shops around the city, one is bound to find a shop with bespoke suits in Lahore. ” Occasions” has been offering bespoke luxury male men’s suits, prince suits, semi-formal & formal shirts for over 10 years. Offering top-quality clothing & fashion tailoring services from our talented tailors.


“Occasions” is located near MM Alam Road. You could walk past many stores with bespoke suits in MM Alam Road and be presented with the best one right away! ” Occasions” is proud to offer the finest quality of tailored men’s suits in the world. We have a great team of tailors and designers who will help you get the bespoke suit you are looking for. We bring the bespoke style to life through the use of the latest modern technology.

Bespoke tailoring Suits in Lahore.

Bespoke Suits in Lahore can include: Rumpfbespoke – The Rump Embroidered bespoke suit includes an embroidered faux button front panel and genuine leather lining on the outside cuffs and waistband. The fabric used is 100% cotton, and our designers add finishing touches like carefully stitched pleats and plush fabric covering. Bespoke suits in Lahore also include Double-breasted – This double-breasted bespoke suit comes with a front button collar and has full pleated sleeves and an inside panel that has button closures and can be fastened with a magnetic clasp. It comes in a variety of sizes.

V-neck bespoke suit online in Lahore.

Classic V-neck – The V-neck bespoke suit is classic in style and can be found in both black and white. The style of our V-neck bespoke suit is simple, yet elegant. It uses our 15000 fabrics ranging from textured to printed. Our tailored suit fabric is created by hand and our designer’s team of professionals are continuously making alterations to keep pace with the changing design trends. To ensure the best fit and maximum durability, we utilize a neck lining with a smooth and soft surface which reduces creasing and folding while providing a flattering and slimming appearance.

A semi-Custom bespoke suit in Pakistan.

Semi-Custom – Our semi-custom bespoke suit is tailored to your exact body measurements and is often cheaper than our bespoke suits. The fabrics used in our semi-custom bespoke suit online range include cotton duck, polyester, Merino wool, and voile.

Due to the fact that our suppliers use the best quality fabrics available, our semi-custom bespoke suit always appears exceptionally smart and suits the best-designed man. Most of our customers prefer to wear these suits to complement their other attires. The suit fabric is typically on the heavier side as our suppliers require us to use a higher grade of cotton duck to ensure optimal comfort.

Custom – These bespoke suits are designed to your exact body measurements and are quite costly. The best quality bespoke suit we use is silk, which has a natural shine. The reason for this is because it is so much harder wearing, which provides a better cut. It is also very hard-wearing; our tailors have to make sure that our suits do not fade because this will damage the suit and our reputation.

Bespoke suit manufacturers in Lahore.

Bespoke Tailoring Our bespoke suit manufacturers in Lahore are dedicated to providing the best service to our customers. The skilled tailors that work with us use a number of high-quality fabrics including cashmere, silk, shalwar chamber, gabardine, rayon, and crepe. To ensure that our clients get the right fit, they test our garments for size by using a procedure called ‘pointing’. This helps them to determine whether our products are the correct size. Pointing is used when our tailoring company has a catalog or photo of the various garments that they offer.

Occasion Designer has precise and delicate sewing techniques.

In addition to this, the best quality we purchase is the one which takes more time to produce, as less number of tailoring ‘steps’ are required to complete each suit. Our tailors begin by taking a garment, for example, a trouser, shirt, trouser leg, and coat, and draw one or two different fabrics from the catalog to suit the individual requirements of each client.

We then make the modifications to these clothes and add them to the collection as and when required. bespoke suits have an increasingly positive reputation within the industry and are seen as a symbol of prestige and style. They are made with even greater care by our tailoring staff, resulting in exceptional quality suits that are made to measure, as each garment is made using even more precise and delicate sewing techniques.

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