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Occasion Kurtas are made of heavy fabric, men’s kurta design is a must have for all those men who are going out to take a break from the busy routine of life. The most popular type of men kurta is the traditional type. It is widely worn in both rural and urban areas of Pakistan. Although it has many benefits, it also has a few drawbacks. This article will look at the ups and downs of men’s kurta design in Lahore.

Men kurta is a light men wear. Hence, it was not easy to design it so that it can be folded conveniently into a small rectangle. But in the last few years our designers have started creating different designs that help in making the kurta design more functional. The latest design in this regard is the drawstring kurta. It is made up of a series of strings that help in getting inside the kurta easily.

Occasion men kurta designs are available in a number of colors. Some of them are brightly colored and others are made up of dark colors. They are quite affordable and are liked by the gorgeous men. Our dress designers design men kurta by keeping the latest trends in mind with or without embroidery on men kurta.


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At Occasions, we offer bespoke tailoring services to fit the cloth to your body cuts and postures. One of the disadvantages of men’s formal kurta is its improper fit. The traditional cutting and stitching styles that were being used to make men kurta are now obsolete. In order to solve fitting problem, Occasions’ designers have designed the drawstring kurta which is slightly larger than the original size. This way the you can easily wear the kurta without any apprehension. We also have the customized Kurta stitching facility for our premium customers. Occasions has a galaxy of men kurta with attractive men kurta design collection at our MM Alam Road & Fortress Stadium outlets. You can also order men kurta design of your choice online at


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What types of Fabric are used for Occasion Formal Kurtas?

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Occasion white formal kurta are basically made of two different fabrics that are sewn together. These fabrics are known as the aura panels and the kurta. These materials are specially made to give a slimming effect on the body of men. In fact they have now become very popular with Pakistani men who are looking to look impressive at the workplace or at a party.

The zippered design makes these kurtas ideal for men who are always on the go. These quotas can be worn over the trousers without any difficulty. Moreover, the men who are fond of travelling can make use of the drawstring quotas to protect their genitals during travels. This will allow them to feel safe as they will not have to worry about their genitals getting exposed in public.

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The men Kurta in Lahore are available in all sizes and designs. There are also many different materials used in making these garments. They are mostly made of silk but are also found in cotton, linen and other synthetic fibers. The men kurta in Lahore and mens kurta pajama design for wedding can come in a plain color or a designer print. However, the most popular designs of men’s kurtas in Lahore include those that incorporate the Indian pattern embroidery as well as zardozi patterns on the front side.

These garments are usually worn by men during the day and at night too. They are ideal for men who prefer to work in a team atmosphere or for those who want to project a conservative appearance. Furthermore, the men hurt in Lahore can also be worn by women to create an impact. However, it is important for both men and women to ensure that they take care of the garment while washing. It is best to wear them after they have been washed in lukewarm water and dried in the shade. These garments can also be dry cleaned for an additional fee.

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Why to Choose Occasions Men’s Kurta?

Occasion designers have given an increased attention to designing kurtas with embellishments. Some of these designs have become popular with men such as the kurta with floral designs, the kurta in the silk flower design and the kurta with polka dots. In fact, the designs have evolved so much that some designers are now creating these kurtas from embellished materials. These include gold thread, silk and cotton. There is also the option of using metallic embellishments to create a modern contemporary look to the men hurt in Lahore.

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Apart from these, we’ve series of traditional designs for the men kurta in Lahore and men kurta in Pakistan. If you are looking for a sober and descent color combination of men kurta with pajama or shalwar or something fancy in shocking colors; we have all you need for men kurta designs. Our customers are enjoying online shopping experience at Occasions’ Online store.
For Eids and other events, our men kurta range is playing a vital role in your social interactions. Check out for attractive men’s kurtas range online for your convenience. This gives the aura an ethnic look and makes it ideal for men who have an ethnic appearance.

The other choice of men kurta in Lahore is the one that has a Georgette fabric along with a square neckline; especially designed for Eid and other events. You can choose from the different designs depending on their preference. However, it is important to make sure that the neckline of the Plain kurtis is not too low or too high. You need to ensure that the neckline does not reveal the shoulders or the upper body. This will help them in looking elegant and stylish in their men kurta in Lahore and men kurta in Pakistan.

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